Arch top windows


Our family business dates all the way back to 1850 where we established ourselves in the village of Wendlebury. It has since then been handed down through the generations.

Right from the start we took on a wide variety of works, most were more suited to the period such as repairs to horse drawn wagons and supplying farmers and the local community with their timber needs.

As the turn of the century beckoned, our customer base continued to grow. We were soon in need of a bigger premises. Then in 1901 we relocated to our current site within the village, where we have remained ever since.

The early part of the 20th century saw a demise of the horse drawn cart and with it a need for repairs. It was at this point we turned our attention to Joinery.

Many aspects of those early days can still be spotted within the workshops today, such as the old traditional saw pit where two men would have spent hours on each end of a two man saw, converting large timbers to a manageable size.

A handful of the original machines also remain in place and still provide a very useful purpose to this day. These work alongside some of our later more modern machinery additions which enable us to perform an even wider extensive range of tasks.